Property Operation Manager

Posted on :28-Nov-2016

Experience : 4 to 5 years in similar or comparable assignments and ideally 2 years within the Middle East.

Qualification :

  • Diploma and/or Degree in Property Management or in (Property) Law / Finance / Business Administration / Engineering – Architecture;
  • Fluent in English and ideally Arabic speaking.

Job Description

  • The Property Operation Manager will be assigned to the following:
  • One (1) Property of less than 30,000 SQM GLA.
  • The Property Operation Manager will report to the Company Property Operation & Marketing Management Director and to the Client/Owner representative of the assigned Properties and will coordinate with all the other Departments and Divisions of the Company. The Property Operation Manager will be assigned to the following duties, which may be subject to further developments and details in an employment letter and/or an employment contract:
  • Define, in collaboration with the involved Company\'s departments and divisions, its Management and clients, the work programs, objectives, requirements and corresponding budgets to achieve the commitments taken between the Company and its Client;
  • Establish the necessary organization and process according to the contract(s) conditions, work programs and objectives;
  • Supervise the involved staff and teams;
  • Follow up the execution of the Company\'s assignments according to the approved work programs and objectives;
  • Establish regular reports;
  • Liaise between the Client(s), its representative(s) and the Company;
  • To attend to all necessary training, seminars, conventions and other sessions as deemed necessary for the duties assigned to the Employee;
    Duties related to the Operation & Facility Management of the assigned Property:
  • To implement and use the Company’s management procedures and property management system under the supervision of and with the Company for the assigned Property;
  • To collect all necessary information and elaborate with the Company the yearly Property & Facility Operations’ Strategies and Budgets for the assigned property;
  • To proceed with the Company, as per approved Budget, with the selection, recruitment, tendering and supervision of staff, suppliers and specialized service providers for the assigned property;
  • To manage the Facility, Safety & Security, Housekeeping and the Marketing Departments and supervise them as well as the other staff of the Project(s).
  • To monitor the payable procedures and expenditures as per approved Budgets for the assigned Property, using the Company’s procedures and property management system;
  • To organize regular Management Meetings with the assigned Property’s Operating Staff, suppliers, and specialized service providers to implement all decisions related to the property operation and management;
  • To prepare the minutes of all meetings related to the property operation and management;
  • To follow-up the Project(s) expenditure as per approved Budgets;
  • To prepare the yearly Marketing & Promotion programs;
  • To prepare the Duties schedule and attend regular Management on Duty of the Property;
  • To establish the general organization of the Project(s) Management as per Standard Operating Procedures implemented by the Company;
  • To liaise with all components of the master property, their End-Users and Management representative(s);
  • To maintain constant updates of the files and all information related to the property operation & facility management;
  • To liaise and meet, when necessary, with the Tenants/End-Users to record their requirements, to identify their needs and to give them all the necessary support according to the enjoyments of their premises and of their unit/premises;
  • To prepare regular monthly, quarterly and yearly property operation and management activity reports with the Company;
  • To meet, when necessary, the Statutory Authorities;
  • To update the property Standard Operating Procedures;
  • To update the property Rules & Regulations when necessary;
  • To participate with the Company on the update of Retail Strategies, Lease Agreements and any other documents and procedures;
  • To coordinate and supervise, when necessary, repairs, renovations, major works and capital expenditure with the Company, the Client and all related consultants, contractors and suppliers;
  • More generally to implement all necessary duties required for the property operation and management, the saving and maximization of the profits as well as to endeavour to protect all the interests of the assigned property;
  • Any other duties that might be deemed necessary for the execution of the Employee’s assignments.

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