Executive Leasing Assistant - Retail

Posted on :21-Oct-2020

Experience :  Minimum 2 years experience as an Executive Leasing Assistant or a similar position. Retail leasing experience prefered

Qualification :  A degree in Business Administration, Accounting or a related field.

Job Description

 The Executive Leasing Assistant will be assigned to the following duties, which may be subject to further developments and details in an employment letter and/or an employment contract:
  • Maintain, manage, and update the Department’s database of rental and resale listings. Upload full and complete property details which may in time be linked to various web portals;
  • To update daily the Leasing Progress Report for AMS Projects; 
  • To send the Leasing Progress Reports every end of month to the concerned person(s);
  • To prepare Offer Approval Forms, Leasing Offers & Lease Agreements and all other related forms through the company system;
  • To Collect & follow- up on the signed Offers, Rent and Lease Agreements from the Tenants and other related documents (their passport copy, trade license & insurance policy);
  • To update the Leasing Layout Plans;
  • To coordinate with the Finance & Administration, Technical & Marketing Department concerning Tenants’ status and information;
  • To prepare summary transactions for AMS projects;
  • To encode and update Tenants’ information in the system;
  • To prepare internal memos and correspondences, when required;
  • To prepare the Rental Matrixes of new AMS projects;
  • To prepare the monthly commission sheets of the staff;
  • To prepare annual reports and budget presentations;
  • To attend the phone inquiries;
  • To organize and file documents for each respective project;
  • To organize appointments for the Department Manager;
  • Any other assignments requested by the Chief Commercial Officer or Senior Retail Leasing Manager.

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