Retail Leasing Manager

Posted on :31-Dec-2020

Experience : Minimum 7 years experience in a similar position.
Malls or Shopping Centres experience is required.
Excellent communication & negotiations skills.
Arabic & English Language proficiency

Qualification : B.A. in Business Administration / Marketing / Commerce 

Job Description

Relocation to the Western Region (UAE) is required, The Retial Leasing Manager will be assigned to the following duties & responsibilities:
  • The Employee will assist the Employer in all the Leasing related activities of the Company following the standard operating procedures and as per approved Leasing strategies. 
  • The Employee will prospect the local and international markets to initiate Leasing negotiations and transactions.
  • The Employee will be in-charge of initiating and finalizing Leasing transactions of empty units, units under re-tenanting situation, units for which the agreement might reach the termination date without renewal and units under renewal procedures, by following established standard operating procedures.
  • The Employee will keep a constant updated stock of prospective tenants and / or purchasers.
  • The Employee will be using all the available contacts, relations, partnerships and tools to keep an updated potential stock of brands, concepts, market intelligence and changes, and in order to make them potentially available for the current and future requirements of all projects managed by the employer.
  • The Employee shall provide his/her assistance to the Employer to keep a constant update of the reliable standard image of all brands that might be represented in projects managed by the Employer.
  • The Employee shall coordinate, as per standard operating procedures, with all concerned departments of Aswaq Management & Services and of projects managed by the Employer during leasing and commercial negotiations, transactions, formalizations, financial and administration aspects, handing over of premises in order to ease the relation between all involved parties in the same department.
  • The Employee will use all the documents, systems, tools, computers, files and other items deemed necessary for the execution of his/her duty and according to the Company policy and will keep them in good condition of preservation, order and updated.
  • To attend to all necessary training, seminars, conventions and other sessions as deemed necessary for the duties assigned to the Leasing Executive position.
  • In general, the Employee shall adopt all necessary behaviour to maintain the best image related to the position in accordance with the standards imposed by the Employer.
  • The Employee shall perform all duties that might be required by the Employer and which will benefit the Company and the Leasing Department.
  • Any other duties that might be deemed necessary for the execution of the Employee’s Employment Contract.

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